Garlic Egg Yolk Wild: Capsules to make you feel and energized no matter your age

Revitalize both your personal and everyday life

The biggest concern stated by aging men is that they won’t have the energy like when they were young to satisfy the goals of both their private and everyday life. With Yazuya’s Egg Yolk and Garlic Capsules with Zinc and Maca that concern is no more. For twenty years these Egg Yolk and Garlic Capsules with the added benefit of Maca, Suppon, Zinc, and Oyster Extract will give you the vitality you need for your private life and the power you need to conquer your everyday tasks.

Garlic Egg Yolk: Create unwavering vitality

The power we access in time of emergency is a result of the vitality we have. With Garlic and Egg Yolk you can support and boost your vitality and join the 1.85 million people who have already done so. * Yazuka’s Garlic and Egg Yolk Capsules use the Tohoku brand garlic “Fukuchi White” which provide you with lots of power to get that extra boost.

*The cumulative number of purchasers since release (March 1997)

Maca: Produce instantaneous power

Maca is said to be a “power source for warriors going to battle” since ancient Incan civilizations. It contains a variety of nutrients that support vitality and produce power making it a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Zinc: An essential mineral

Yazuka’s Garlic and Egg Yolk Capsules use zinc yeast, the same that is used to brew beer and wine, which is blended into two 14mg balls to provide you with the mineral essential to maintaining good health.

Suppon: Persistent Nutrient Support

The Tsubopuri used in Yazuka’s Garlic and Egg Yolk Capsules is domestically grown and contains the nutrients that we tend to lack with advanced age.

Oyster Extract: Nutrient boost

Oyster Extract, also known as sea milk, is added to these capsules to provide you with additional nutrients to keep you feeling young and healthy. Yazuka’s Garlic and Egg Yolk Capsules use oysters from the Seto Inland Sea due to their high nutrient content.

A supplement that you can be confident about

There are many vitality supplements out there, but you can take Yazuka’s confidently without anxiety and know your concerns will be addressed. Much thought and consideration are put into the creation of these Garlic and Egg Yolk with the added benefit of Maca, Zinc, Suppon, and Oyster Extract. So, join the over 1.85 million people and discover a combination of vitality and power you never knew existed. *

*The cumulative number of purchases since release (March 1997)

Customer FAQ:

What made you purchase?

1. Because it’s a combination of garlic egg yolk and maca

2. Because it contains ingredients that are hard to ingest normally

3. Because it’s a trusted Yazuka product

4. Because the easy to consume two balls a day is easy to upkeep

Number of users?

Over 180,000 people! *

*The cumulative number of purchasers since release (February 2018)

Did you feel a change?

In 24 out of 29 questionnaires distributed by Yazuka staff to men in the 30s to 50s, 12 answered they felt a change in their health and 12 answered they noticed a change in their vitality

Cumulative Sales?

Over 880,000 bags! *

*Cumulative sales of “Garlic Egg Yolk WILD” (February 2018-April 2020)