~ Building your natural health system ~

Naturacare was established by a Medical Doctor who has 20 years of experience in the healthcare environment. With the belief in the power of natural health ingredients to support healthy living, our mission is to provide the best natural healthcare products around the world to people who care for living quality lives and longevity.

Our first journey begins from Japan, the country has “the world’s highest healthy life expectancy and the control and even eradication of common infectious diseases”, according to a WHO report in 2018. Japanese culture has several major concepts that characterize the notions of health, illness, and healing: health as an ephemeral state; the importance of the notion of balance, with imbalance leading to illness; the principle of purity (health/balance) and impurity (illness/imbalance); and the importance of the intactness of the body. Therefore, in Japan, anti-aging medicine, lifestyle drugs, and ‘environmental medicine’ with natural healthcare solutions are considered to be health treatments. Japanese people choose natural healthcare products because they are familiar ingredients, easy to absorb, have fewer side effects, and can improve activeness and quality of life.

Along with Japanese inspiration, our team was built up by a Japanese expert who carefully advises each product’s ingredients, features, benefits, and popularity among the Japanese customers. In addition, our Japanese local team will choose the best products and ship them to customers around the world in the safest and fastest way.

For us, offering the best natural healthcare products to customers is our top business priority. Because we believe that when people live healthier, their lives will be happier. That’s our key business value and we always aim for it, always.