Good Night Steam Patch MegRhythm

What is the Good Night Steam Patch?

“Megurizumu Steam Good Night” is a patch that is applied to the neck before sleeping that helps you reach that state of relaxation you need for a good night’s sleep while you do you nightly routine. For about 30 minutes you’ll be bathed in a warming steam that help release and ease any tension from your neck and shoulders that you received during the day.


Three amazing features!

  1. Plenty of steam:
    Each patch is packed full of invisible smooth steam that won’t soak or dampen your clothes.

  1. Immediately starts at about 40 ° C:
    As soon as the patch is applied to the skin the steam begins to warm in order to deliver that needed relaxation.

  1. Fits perfectly around the neck:
    Each patch is shaped to fit gently around the curve of the neck.


When should I use it?

You should apply the patch about 30 minutes before you go to bed. It is suggested to use it while doing your night-time routine. Such as watch TV or playing on you phone, reading, or doing your nightly skincare routine.

How to use

  1. Take the sheet out of the bag
  2. Peel off the release paper and stick it directly to the base of the neck. 
  3. Plenty of steam immediately wraps around your neck, helping you reach relaxation.

* It is recommended that you remove the sheet at bedtime as it may cause hair to get caught.