IQOS EX PLUS – A supplement that helps combat hair loss and support hair growth

Did you know hair loss increases in the fall?

There are two main causes of hair loss: “Seasonal regrowth” and “summer fatigue and damage.”

While seasonal regrowth is a natural process that happens to everyone’s hair, the real concern is the “summer fatigue and damage” it receives. 

The hair and scalp become more tired as a result of malnutrition, lack of sleep, and UV ray exposure during the summer. This “damage to the scalp” is what results in the increased “autumn hair loss.” 

Do you know how damaging your summer lifestyle is to your hair?

Here are five actions that may increase your fall hair loss:

  1. Going out without a hat or umbrella: Going out without these items can expose you and your scalp to about three times as many UV rays as compared to the spring. As a result, your scalp becomes more prone to dryness, irritation, and sunburn which can cause lasting damage to your hair and scalp.
  2. Spending all your time in air-conditioned rooms: While staying in an air-conditioned room may be a great way to escape the summer heat the cool air can have adverse effects on your hair and scalp. While your body is being cooled down, your blood circulation also slows, not allowing the proper nourishment to reach the hair roots.
  3. Eating and drinking only cold food: While treating ourselves to cold food and drinks during the summer is great, having a diet that consists of only these items can leave your body unbalanced. This malnourishment affects your hair and scalp appearing as the “hair loss” or “thin hair” experienced in the fall.
  4. Lack of sleep due to the heat: We’ve all experienced sleepless nights due to the summer heat, but did you know this can harm the production of new hair and the growth of current hair? As the hormone responsible for hair growth is secreted during our sleep, lack of sleep decreases this secretion, as well as, increasing cholesterol, visceral fat, metabolism deterioration, and causing an increased risk of arteriosclerosis, depression, and frustration.
  5. No hair care regiment: If you don’t keep a proper hair care regimen, such as using hair restorers or shampoos, the damage your hair and scalp receives during the summer may result in more time and work needed to return your hair to its natural regrowth cycle.

Three countermeasures you can take to prevent fall hair loss

  1. Cleaning the scalp: Using a shampoo that specializes in cleaning away sebum and dirt while thoroughly massaging your scalp can help prevent hair loss. However, be careful not to over-wash as this can deprive your scalp of moisture and can cause excess sebum secretion.
  2. Revise your eating habits: It is recommended to supplement the nutrients required for hair growth by adding them to our diet. Here is a list of nutrients that are important for hair growth and foods you can get them from:

          Zinc- Oysters, liver (pig), pumpkin

          Vitamins- Persimmons, chestnuts, mushrooms (Matsutake), potatoes

          Proteins- Beef, seafood (saury), chicken, milk, cheese, liver, soybeans, eggs.

Remember while these are good additions to your diet do not overdo it and consider using supplements as needed or advised.             What are the food habits for healthy hair growth and to stop hair fall? -  Quora

  1. Moderate exercise and adequate sleeping: While lack of exercise is not directly linked to hair loss or thinning, adding it to your routine can help improve hair growth and regrowth. Exercise helps by improving blood circulation allowing nutrients to reach your hair and scalp easier. It also helps by increasing your appetite allowing you to properly nourish yourself and your hair, as well as, improving your sleep quality which is necessary for the secretion of the hair growth hormone.

How IQOS EX Plus reduces hair loss and supports hair growth

  • Condensed 58 kinds of carefully selected nutritional ingredients that are difficult to take in the daily diet
  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids, which are raw materials for hair that cannot be made by the human body
  • Contains 12 types of vitamins to support the improvement of the hair environment
  • Contains high-quality seaweed extract and ganiashi
  • Contains hyaluronic acid and L-arginine to keep youthful and ageless
  • A luxurious combination of capsaicin and isoflavone 
    • Capsaicin is a spicy ingredient contained in pepper. It is known to improve the rhythm of the body, but it is also said to have other functions to activate the body.
    • Isoflavone is a type of flavonoid contained in soybeans and is said to have the function of balancing and energizing the body.

IQOS EX Plus is made in a Japanese factory with thorough reliable hygiene management to the commitment of quality, safety, and taste.