Okinawa Ukon Legendary Turmeric: Enjoy alcohol and good health

Made from 100% natural materials and organic supplements

Legendary Turmeric is completely pesticide-free, with no preservatives, coloring agents, preservatives, or antioxidants, and the raw materials are thoroughly pesticide-free. It is a health supplement jointly developed by the industry, government, and academia for the public. Four kinds of turmeric including spring turmeric and four kinds of diverse herbs eliminate and support eating habits with alcohol and sweets.

3 Facts about Okinawa Ukon Legendary Turmeric (100% Okinawan Organic Turmeric)

  1. Made entirely of natural ingredients from Okinawan vegetables and herbs

Produced at the Okinawa Ukon factory using 100% pesticide-free and organically grown Okinawan products. No additives or colorings are used.

Health beauty/diet support

  1. For those who are concerned about health/beauty

A luxurious combination of mangericon, guava, gymnema sylvestre, which help support good blood sugar levels, and herbal juricon, which is said to be good for cosmetology.

It's not spicy the next morning after swallowing!!

  1. This is the most important! The next morning after swallowing is not spicy!!

Free from the feeling of a hangover! With the effect of 4 kinds of turmeric, you can get up and move refreshed and ready even the next morning after drinking alcohol.

Who is it recommended for?

  • Those who drink a lot of alcohol
  • Those who get a red face due to alcohol
  • Those who are worried about a hangover
  • Those who are concerned about body fat
  • Those who are concerned about their value of health

Features of the legend of the liquor

Besides the two essential features you might already know that are containing “4 types of turmeric” which are the “source of energy” and “4 kinds of herbs” that "refresh your body", there are three other important features of the legend of the liquor

  1. Joint development with Ryukyu University

 A venerable supplement developed by the Okinawa Prefectural Health and Food Development Cooperative in collaboration with the University of the Ryukyus School of Medicine, which is a national university, over a period of three years.

It is said to be the originator of turmeric supplements.

  1. Winner of the Emperor's Cup! Uses the world's only new variety of turmeric "Okinawa Emperor Gold"

A luxurious combination of Okinawa Ogon, a new variety of autumn turmeric that can only be cultivated at the Okinawa Chosei Yakusou Headquarters!
It is the only new variety in the world that has been researched for more than 20 years and has been registered as a variety. It is about five times as large as normal autumn turmeric, and is characterized by its height and leaves.
Since the pigment is darker than normal autumn turmeric, isn't there a difference in its composition? Now that research is underway, it is a valuable variety that is attracting the most attention.

  1. The secret of popularity is that it is a package type that is convenient to carry.

The power of turmeric is widely known, and many people in the sports world and celebrities also use it, and it is used as a staple of Okinawans who like alcohol.

It is a separate package type that is easy to drink, easy to carry, and easy to use in any scene.