ONAKA - From KUDZU flowers to the fat burning supplement

Onaka contains "Kuzunohana-derived isoflavone" as a functional ingredient. This ingredient, which has been reported to "help reduce visceral fat and subcutaneous fat," is due to the "isoflavone" contained extracted from the flowers of the plant "Kudzu".

The story of Kudzu Flowers

Kudzu is a leguminous plant that is widely distributed in East Asia, including Japan and China and is a climbing plant that grows in sunny mountains. Since it grows a lot in Japan, "Kudzu powder" made from the roots of kudzu can be used as a raw material for kuzumochi and easy to find kudzu in Japanese life. However, Onaka contains kudzu flowers which also have different high efficacy, and it has become a hot ingredient. 

The history of using Kudzu Flowers in ancient Asia

Looking back on the history of Japan, there is a record that Mitsukuni Mito, who is well known as Mito Komon, also loved this kudzu flower for his health. Kuzunohana is a plant that was counted as one of the "Seven Herbs of Autumn" in Japan.

In China, there is a healthy tea called "Gohanacha". Gokacha is literally a tea made by boiling five flowers, but one of the flowers that are often used is Kudzu flower, which is called "Kuzuka" in China. This five-flowered tea is sold in China as a drink in PET bottles as well as dried flowers for boiling at home and is widely drunk for health from children to the elderly.

When Kudzu flowers become Onaka

Recent researches have found that the Kudzu flower has an effect on body fat, which led to the commercialization of Onaka. The kudzu flowers have been hand-picked one by one to harvest only this flower. In order to bring out the essence, the manufacturer  adopted a method of extracting with hot water, which is similar to the extraction of tea, in accordance with the traditional usage. In order to extract "Kuzunohana-derived isoflavone", which has been recognized as functional, it is necessary to extract it at high temperatures for a long time, so hot water extraction is carried out over time. Önaka is made by condensing the "Kuzunohana-derived isoflavones" extracted in this way into grains.

Nowadays, it is simple to take kudzu flowers just by taking Onaka from Japan to reduce your visceral fat and subcutaneous fat; and to be healthier and happier in life.