There is no such thing as age with Sesamin EX

What is Sesamin EX?

Sesamin EX is a supplement made for those over 40, whose ability to maintain youthfulness is diminishing. Sesamin EX contains the healthy component sesamin found in sesame seeds. Less than 1% of the sesame seed contains this powerful anti-aging ingredient. It also contains Oryza Plus, which helps improve one’s physical health, natural vitamin E, and tocotrienols. With these four synergistic powers you’ll remain youthful everyday.

Who is it for?

  • Those who are concerned about their physical strength and health
  • Those who have an irregular life
  • Those who are concerned about beauty
  • Those who want to maintain their youthfulness

4 reasons why Suntory’s Sesamin EX is recommended

  1. Sesamin: The power to keep youthful

Sesamin is a rare healthy ingredient that Suntory has elucidated for more than 30 years. Each sesame seed contains less than 1% of this rare ingredient. Therefore, it is not possible to benefit from this supplement by simply eating sesame seeds as they are. However, through repeated trial and error Suntory has developed a method allowing them to extract sesamin from sesame seeds. With this technology they can take this extract and condense it into each Sesamin EX supplement, giving you the intense power and support needed to maintain your youthfulness.

  1. Oryza Plus: Improve physical condition disturbed by age

Oryza Plus is a healthy ingredient derived from brown rice that helps to improve the physical condition that tends to be disturbed with age. Using Suntory’s original technology, the polyphenol component, Oryza Plus, is condensed from brown rice. This polyphenol, which is equivalent to about one cup of tea, is then blended into the supplement. Oryza Plus, along with Sesamin, help lead the cycle of the body back to a positive cycle.

  1. Unique synergistic power: Vitamin E and Tocotrienol

In addition to Sesamin and Oryza Plus, Sesamin EX contains natural Vitamin E, which is used to amplify beauty, and Tocotrienol, which is a up and rising super vitamin. With these four ingredients unique synergistic power Suntory has created a supplement that supports and boosts youthfulness.

  1. Award winning: Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award

Suntory has scientifically demonstrated the power of sesamin in 44 papers and 98 presentations at academic conferences. * 

In 2008, it was highly evaluated for its practical use as a health food, and received the Agricultural Chemistry Technology Award. It also attracted attention from researchers around the world. Suntory currently researches sesamin in search of further evolution today.

*As of the end of May 2017