Mother of Life: Supporting women’s health for over 100 years

The beginning of Mother of Life: 1868 - Meiji Era

From the Meiji era to the early Taisho era women were completely devoted to domestic life and the work that comes with it to support their large families through the harsh living conditions of that time. Shozo Sasaoka, a mother and woman with many complications during this era, had the desire to “help a woman suffering from illness” and through rigorous research created the first “Mother of Life” supplement on September 16, 1903. The name “Mother of Life” is rooted in the idea of “motherhood that nurtures life.”

Rise during harsh times: 1912 - Taisho – Early Showa Era

From the Taisho to the early Showa era many turbulent events happened, from earthquakes and wars to reforms and private movements. During wartime, a regime of “give birth and increase” was ordered. Mother of Life soon became a hot commodity as a “child treasure medicine” for its properties to support health in pregnant women. However, up until this time, Mother of Life was a “decoction” that was made by boiling crude drugs in water. Now updated to the time Mother of Life became a hassle-free easy to take the tablet.

Social advancement changes: 1966 - Late Showa Period

During the late Showa era, the household treasures made their first appearance (The TV, washing machine, and refrigerator). With the appearance of these items, the amount of time needed for housework was vastly shortened and allowed for a foothold in women’s social advancement. Around the same time, Mother of Life created and released a new version of their product called “Mother of Life A,” a combination of the previous herbal medicine with newly added vitamins necessary for active women. This new product came in the shape of bright pink pills and was packaged in an “A” design.

Continued advancement and busy lives: 1989 - Heisei Period

As the opportunities and social advancement for women progressed and daily life became more hectic and busier, more and more women started to notice a decline in their physical and mental health. Mother of Life hearing the concerns of these women decided to renew their product once again in order to “suit the health of all women living in the present.” Here a new version of “Mother of Life A” was created to allow the women of the 21st century to live strong and healthy lives while carrying out the initial desire of the founder Shozo Sasaoka.

Mother brand of life in the future

“A healthy and happy life for all women”

This is the goal of Mother of Life. Helping women for many eras, and many more to come, through all sorts of turbulent times. “Mother of Life will continue to evolve to support women and make them happy.”