MIBYOU - A Pre-Disease stage in Japanese Traditional Medicine

“Mibyou” is the concept of Pathology. It is a physical condition of “not feeling well” but is not a disease. It will develop into a disease if the body can’t be treated well.

It is said that when you have subjective symptoms even though there are no abnormal test results from a physical examination, etc., you have already been in the condition of Mibyou.

You can check if you have any these troubles or not.

  • Cold hands and feet
  • Accumulation of fatigue
  • Gastrointestinal weakness
  • Look pale
  • Unable to sleep well due to feeling cold
  • Poor appetite
  • Feeling of fatigue when you wake up

“Mibyou" is the preventive traditional medicine 

Many traditional Japanese medicines (Kampo formulas) are empirically believed to be effective not only during the disease state but also during the pre-disease state. Traditional Japanese medicine was derived from traditional Chinese medicine and has been developed independently in Japan. In the practice of traditional Japanese medicine, treatment at the pre-disease state (Mibyou in Japanese) has long been emphasized. Terasawa defined Mibyou as “disease-oriented state: not a disease, but can easily become one if no cure is applied”.

The word “Mibyou" was first found in the Chinese medical book about 2,000 years ago. In this book, it is described that just the care before becoming sick is important. This idea is accepted also in current medical treatment and Mibyou becomes the origin of preventive medicine.

A symptom of Mibyou varies depending on the person. When you feel just a little bit of physical trouble, it is a sign of the beginning of Mibyou. However, there are no subjective symptoms in some cases of Mibyou. In these cases, you are not conscious of the body troubles before showing any abnormalities in the test results of physical examinations, etc. Immediate care is the important point in recovering your health when you are conscious of Mibyou.

If you know that you have “Mibyou”, you can take Yomeishu everyday to improve your metabolic system and prevent the risk of being sick. Don’t wait until the disease comes, let’s take action now.