YOMEISHU - A herbal liqueur has continuously been manufactured for about 400 years

What is Yomeishu?

Yomeishu is a “herbal liqueur”, an alcoholic drink in which “herbs” are immersed. Herbs are medicines derived from natural plants. They are used after processing such as drying or cutting.

Yomeishu is manufactured at Komagane Plant which has been known as "Integrating tradition with technology". They are using more than 10 types of herbs as raw materials with the use of technology evidenced by many years of experience. Further, the plant makes every effort to stabilize the quality control process of manufacturing the products to satisfy the “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)”

Yomeishu has been produced through 6 steps:

  1. Making wine base
  2. Mixing herbs
  3. Extraction of ingredients
  4. Analyzation tests
  5. Bottling
  6. Packaging

Yomeishu is then delivered to you from this plant.




How Yomeishu affects your health?

In a herbal liqueur like Yomeishu, the medicinal power of alcohol itself is not ignored. Alcohol has many effects such as enhancing appetite by supporting digestion, warming the body by improving blood circulation/blood flow, leading to deep sleep, etc. By the addition of a medicinal power of herbs into alcohol, more powerful effects compared to that of alcohol alone are exerted. Some herbs are deteriorated by heating, and accordingly, it is advantageous that their medicinal power can be extracted by immersing into alcohol.  

Further, it is characteristic to be a rich tasting drink in addition of the alcohol. In traditional medicine of the Orient, a herbal liqueur is sometimes described as follows, "Medicines use the power of alcohol, while alcohol supports the efficacies of medicines. Medicinal power penetrates throughout the body and immediately exerts its efficacy."

Now, you can drink Yomeishu everyday to improve your blood circulation and immune system. Let’s do it.