Kale - Vegetable Supplement
Kale - Vegetable Supplement to strengthen your health/ 30 sticks
Kale - Vegetable Supplement to strengthen your health/ 30 sticks
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kale - Vegetable Supplement to strengthen your health/ 30 sticks
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kale - Vegetable Supplement to strengthen your health/ 30 sticks

Kale - Vegetable Supplement to strengthen your health/ 30 sticks

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Q’SAI Kale + honey is a popular vegetable supplement in Japan. It won the ranking #1 for 12 years in the vegetable supplement market in Japan because it’s reliable, tasty, easy to drink, and easy to continue to take. This slightly sweet green juice (Kale) is for the whole family, especially children who don’t like vegetables. Many mothers say “ My children are happy to drink this!” This product is a powder type of Kale and contains 30 sticks.

Product features
Q’SAI Kale + honey is safe and secure.
  • It’s a product designed to use 100% of nutritious domestic (Japanese) kale
  • Kale green juice does not contain any additives to adjust the taste or make it easier to dissolve.
  • It’s safe because it does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in addition to the selected raw materials.
  • No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the soil required to grow kale
  • It contains ingredients such as dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C, which is equivalent to 100g of raw vegetables per bag!
  • Yamada Bee Farm's honey is a high-quality "honey" produced in-house under strict quality standards. The farm is well known in Japan.
  • It’s especially recommended for children who don’t like vegetables
It is recommended for those
  • who want to review their eating habits
  • who is worried about lack of vegetables
  • who want to take supplement nutrition easily
  • who want to be particular about materials and ingredients

What kind of vegetable is kale?
Kale, the original species of cabbage and broccoli, is a superfood that contains vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber that are often deficient in modern diets. The content of vitamins, dietary fiber, and calcium contained in 100 g of kale is higher than that of tomatoes and peppers, which are the same green and yellow vegetables, and 2 bags (14 g) of the kale (separate package type) make about 200 g of raw vegetables. It is also perfect as an easy vitamin and mineral supplement for children who sweat a lot!

5 Benefits of Kale
Kale is a nutritious vegetable that is called the king of vegetables.
1. Anemia prevention
Folic acid, which is abundant in kale, stimulates the production of red blood cells. In addition, a nutrient called molybdenum is also contained in kale, which helps transport iron, which is a material for blood.
2. Bone formation
Kale is high in calcium and vitamin K. Both are essential nutrients for bone formation. By actively taking kale, you can expect to maintain bone health.
3. Intestinal regulation
Kale is rich in insoluble dietary fiber. It increases the bulk of the stool and activates the movement of the intestines. It also has the effect of suppressing the increase of bad bacteria, so it is also good for constipation prevention.
4. Maintaining eye health
Lutein contained in kale has the effect of preventing eye aging. It can also be expected to protect the eyes from blue light. Recommended for people who frequently use computers and smartphones
5. Antioxidant Effect
Kale is rich in all of the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E. Therefore, it helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

The history of Q’SAI and Kale
The founder of Q’SAI encountered Dr. Niro Endo 40 years ago when he was suffering from a poor physical condition. The doctor introduced Kale to improve his condition and he experienced the power of kale green juice himself. He thought “ I want to deliver this wonderfulness to as many people as possible," and since then, he has been trying to deliver Kale products to everyone.

Yamada Bee Farms
Yamada Bee Farm's honey is high-quality honey produced in-house under strict quality standards in order to deliver the honey made by honeybees as naturally as possible. Honey is an energy source and enhances the absorption of minerals, so it goes well with kale. It's slightly sweet and easy to drink, but you don't have to worry about calories!

The manufacturing process of Q’SAI Kale
From seed samples, kale nourishment to green juice production, Q’SAI is working on a list as follows.

1) Cultivation of kale
The group farm does not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It’s particular about safe and secure kale and the kale farm "Q’SAI Farm Shimane", about 75 hectare in Masuda City, is in Shimane Prefecture. The healthy kale grown here is the key to the quality and deliciousness of the green Kale juice.

2) Check for residual pesticides
The quality guard will rigorously check for residual pesticides as a third party.

3) Making kale juice 
After harvesting kale, it sends it directly to the factory! About 15 to 20 tons of kale arrives a day. Not only its own group farms but also kale received from contract farmers will be processed within 24 hours. It processes the fresh flavor and taste as it is. The large kale leaves are carefully hand-picked one by one. The kale harvested early in the morning goes to Q’SAI Farm Shimane (factory) and it is processed immediately to make a delicious green juice that is the same as the kale in the field. The 100% domestic Japanese kale and the powder type is crushed at an ultra-low temperature so as not to damage the characteristics of the raw material and is made into a whole powder. In addition, the "mild powder manufacturing method" makes it easy to dissolve in water and makes it easy to drink.

4) Deliver the product
In order to deliver the power of kale to as many people as possible, we are developing various products and sales methods such as developing not only its own products but also collaboration products with other companies.

Recommended age
Children after 3 years old and Adults

Kale (domestic), honey, spore-forming lactic acid bacteria/vitamin C, biotin

How to Take
1 bag (7g) with 100-150ml of water or milk, etc. Please enjoy it after mixing well.
① Pour an appropriate amount (100-150 ml) of water or milk into the cup.
② Put 1 stick (7g) of the kale+honey.
③ Stir well with a spoon or muddler and it's done.
It is recommended to take 2 sticks per day.

Attention (Disclaimer)  Please be sure to read.

Please note:

  • This product contains Vitamin K.
  • Do not take if you are taking warfarin potassium (warfarin) due to diseases of the heart, brain, blood vessels, etc. (so-called thrombosis).
  • Please check the names of the ingredients and do not consume if you have food allergies.
  • If you are taking medicine, have restricted vegetable intake, or are out of the hospital, please consult with your doctor before taking.
  • In rare cases, it may not fit your body depending on your constitution and physical condition. If it does not fit your body, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid storing the product mixed with water or other beverages as it may deteriorate the flavor and quality.

Product size
18.2 x 13.2 x 10.8 cm
210g (7g x 30 sticks)

Q’SAI Co., Ltd.

Made in Japan