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Kids Supplements | Mitete - strengthen immune system for kids 90 tablets x 2 boxes

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This product is made by reflecting the voices of more than 530 pairs of Japanese parents and children. Multi-supplement that can take DHA, lactic acid bacteria (Crispatus KT-11 strain), calcium, vitamin D, vegetables, and iron to prepare for the future of children. This is delicious so that children can eat happily and grow healthy.

Product features

  • Contains lactic acid bacteria (Crispatus KT-11 strain) received from mother at birth
  • Conducted radiation screening tests for safety and security
  • A small bottle that is easy to carry
  • Children can chew like sweets and eat deliciously. Pine flavor
  • Contains domestic Japanese vegetable powder
  • Recommended balanced nutrition for children

Recommended age

From 3 years old

Expected period to see the effects

This product supplies nutritional value for everyday life, so please take it as long as you see some results.


Dolomite, reduced maltose sucralose, dextrin, pineapple juice powder, starch, lactic acid bacteria (sterilized), sodium chloride, pumpkin powder, carrot powder, spinach powder, sugar, DHA-containing refined fish oil, edible fats and oils, protein hydrolyzate, Ca stearate , Acidulants, sweeteners (xylitol, sucralose, acesulfame K), fine silicon dioxide, fragrances, ferric pyrophosphate, HPC, thickeners (Arabic gum), emulsifiers, lecithin, antioxidants (VE, VC), VD, (some of the ingredients include milk and soybeans)

How to use

3 tablets a day

Attention (Disclaimer)

  • Please follow the recommended daily intake.
  • Please be careful not to swallow it for small children.

Additional information

Recommended for such children

  • They hate vegetables and eat only sweets
  • Are they growing well?
  • Are they studying well?
  • They have not enough nutrition from 3 meals

Product size

12.9 x 8.3 x 4.4 cm




AFC-HD Ams Life Science Co., Ltd.

Made in Japan