Good night steam patch

Good Night Steam Patch MegRhythm - 12 sheets x 2 boxes

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MegRhythm Good Night Steam Patch helps relax the mind while you go about looking at your smartphone, watching TV, reading a book, or performing your skin care routine. Just come home and relax.

Product features

  • Generous shower of comfortable steam
  • Warm up instantly. Warmth of approximately 40° C for about 30 minutes
  • Pat fits closely to the neck area
  • It warms up just by opening it, so it's convenient to use immediately anytime, anywhere.
  • It can also be used before good night, when relaxing at home, or when traveling by plane.
  • This is not a medical device.

Expected period to see the effects

Once peeling off the release paper from the sheet, you will start to feel warm and it will take about 30 minutes.


Surface material: Polypropylene, polyethylene Heating element: Iron powder included

How to use

Peel off the release paper from the sheet and attach it directly to the base of the neck.

It is recommended to remove the sheet at bedtime as it may get your hair caught.

Attention (Disclaimer)

Please read the label on the individual packaging carefully before use.

Please do not use the following people

  • People who have eczema or hives due to heat.
  • Those who have a low feeling of warmth or are sensitive to temperature.
  • Those who are vulnerable to stimuli such as bansoko and those who have a rash.
  • Those who cannot remove it immediately by their own will.

Do not use in the following cases

  • If there is inflammation such as fever or swelling due to bruises or sprains.
  • When there are cuts, scratches, insect bites, etc. 

If you have eczeme, rash, etc.

  • If you are using a patch or ointment.

Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for the following:

  • Those who are receiving medical treatment.
  • People with diabetes and blood circulation disorders.
  • Those who are easy to climb.
  • Those who have a fever or have an inflammatory disease.
  • Those who have had allergic symptoms (rash, redness, itch, rash, etc.) due to medicines or cosmetics.
  • Those who are pregnant.

Precautions for use

  • Should you observe eczema, rash, or other abnormalities such as redness and itchiness, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • When the skin warms up, the skin may temporarily turn red or itchy.

Precautions for storage

  • If the individual packaging bag is scratched, it may not generate heat.
  • Store away from direct sunlight, places with high temperatures, and heat sources (such as on heaters).

Additional Information

For safe use, please observe the following precautions.

If you are a child, a physically handicapped person, or a person with dementia, please be careful of those around you.

Precautions to prevent low temperature burns

  • Should you feel overheated, or if you feel any abnormality in your body such as pain or discomfort, discontinue use immediately.
  • Attach it so that the adhesive part does not wrinkle or the sheet floats or peels off.

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Kao Corporation

Made in Japan