Supplements to boost immune system

Supplements to boost immune system | Agaricus DX 360 tablets for 1 month

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Recently in Japan a lot of popularity has been gained by products such as agaricus. In ancient times, this fungus was called "the king of all drugs." Agaricus exhibits antiviral activity, helps to destroy pathogens in the lungs, liver and biliary tract, and has a diuretic effect. Medicines based on this fungus often become assistants in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Agaricus is much appreciated for its hemostatic and wound-healing properties. In oriental medicine it is recommended as a remedy to rejuvenate the body, helping to reverse the aging process. 

The medicine has the following therapeutic effects:

  • boosts immunity to fight virus and bacterias
  • acts as an immunomodulator to strengthen the body
  • inhibits the growth of the virus, bacterias, and cancer cells
  • helps to fight cancer as complementary medicine
  • normalizes the digestive tract and removes toxins from the body

It is carefully manufactured in a domestic GMP certified factory so as to clear strict manufacturing control and quality control standards.
In order to increase the efficiency of β-glucan, the polymer is made small by enzyme treatment.
Easy-to-drink, enriched with Agaricus blazei mycelium extract and Agaricus blazei fruiting body extract.
Commercialized as a highly absorbent water-soluble β-glucan by a special manufacturing method!
Discerning blending balance. This product is not only one nutritional ingredient, but also realizes a particular blending balance so that customers can pay attention to their purpose and continue to experience it.

Additional information
Agaricus is a typical mushroom that has been attracting attention recently. It contains a lot of the topical β-glucan and is said to be a very expensive and valuable mushroom. Agaricus blazei are rich in protein, sugar and dietary fiber, and are said to contain B vitamins, ergosterol (vitamin D precursor), minerals and enzymes. β-glucan, is a polysaccharide with a special molecular structure and is attracting the most attention for maintaining health.

The latest research of Japanese scientists resulted in the manufacture of Agaricus DX, an immunomodulator based on natural medicinal properties of this mushroom. A distinguishing feature of the preparation is that it is not prepared from the diluted water extract, but made directly from the powder of fungus grown in Japan.

Water-soluble agaricus blazei mycelium extract powder, water-soluble agaricus blazei fruiting body extract powder (agalix blazei fruiting body extract, dextrin), lactose, echinacea extract powder / glycerin fatty acid ester, (some milk components are included)

Energy: 11.0kcal, protein: 0.34g, fat: 0.08g, carbohydrates: 2.30g, salt equivalent: 0.004g
* Water-soluble Agaricus blazei mycelium extract powder: 1,125 mg, water-soluble Agaricus blazei fruiting body extract powder: 1,125 mg, Echinacea extract powder: 75 mg

In 10 tablets (2,500 mg) of this product:
Agaricus blazei mycelium extract / 700 mg, Agaricus blazei fruiting body extract / 300 mg

How to Use
As a dietary supplement, take 12 tablets a day in several divided doses with water or lukewarm water.
Please refrain from eating in large quantities on an empty stomach or at one time.
Please consume from a small amount at first.


  • Since this product is from the blessings of nature, there are variations in the colors of grains, capsules, powder.
  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight and humidity.
  • Since it is highly hygroscopic, tightly close the lid after opening, store in a cool place, and consume as soon as possible.
  • Please specify the opening date and consume for about 1 month per piece.
  • Please refer to the raw material name and do not consume if you have food allergies.
  • In rare cases, such as allergies, some people may not be fit, so please discontinue if you are not feeling well after eating.
  • If you are taking medicine, going to the hospital, pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking.
  • Mushrooms, which are the raw material, are natural plants, so the color and odor of the grains may change depending on individual differences, but there is no problem with the quality, so please enjoy with confidence.

Product size & weight 11.4 x 6 x 5.8 cm; 240 g

Yuki Pharmaceutical

Made in Japan