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Detox foot pads - Daily health foot detox sheet 36 sheets

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These detox foot pads are carefully made one by one at a Japanese factory. It contains 19 natural ingredients and ginseng, so it can be also used by children and pregnant women. After standing, working for long, and keeping walking all day, these detox foot pads will help you to have refreshing legs the next morning. This product is used by many Japanese people because of giving them refreshing legs just by patching it on their sole.  Ginseng is a famous plant known to various people including those who are interested in health and has been used by traditional medicine for a long time because it is said to be versatile in terms of health.

Product features

  • Detox foot pads for everyday use to be healthy from the morning
  • Contains 19 types of healthy ingredients and ginseng
  • Healing scent
  • Refreshing absorption
  • All made in Japan
  • It can also be used on the palms, shoulders, back, and feet
  • The sole of the foot is said to be the second heart

Recommended age

Even babies can use this product because it doesn’t use medical ingredients.

Expected period to see the effects

Please think about using them until the detox foot pads don’t get wet. However, not everyone will get wet at all. Basically, the more you use them, the less you would get wet. You can use them while watching the conditions at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks.

Additional information

  • Refresh legs and relaxing
  • To  lead a healthy life
  • To be positive
  • Wake up refreshingly every day


Main ingredients: Wood vinegar / Bamboo vinegar / Dokudami powder / Biwa powder / Chitosan / Vitamin C / Koryo carrot powder / Grapefruit scent powder / Peach leaf powder / Chili extract powder / Agarisk powder / Ukon powder / Green tea powder / Barley powder / Kumasasa powder / Senburi powder / Uikyo powder / Chimpi powder / Oubaku powder / Denpun

How to use

At night, just stick it on the sole of your foot and go to bed, then the active ingredients will work for absorbing the excess water in your body, and your feet will be refreshed the next morning!

Attention (Disclaimer)

  • The package design might be changed.
  • If you are allergic to the ingredients contained in the detox foot pads, please consult a specialist before using them.

Product size

31.1 x 25.1 x 4.4 cm


540 g


M&S Japan

Made in Japan