Cold medicine for kids

Kakkonto - Cold medicine for kids | herbal traditional medicine in 9 packages x 2 boxes

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Kracie released “Kakkonto” in 1984, and it’s been a long seller of cold medicine for the Japanese. Kakkonto is effective for headaches such as the early stages of colds, fever, stiffness in the back of the neck, chills but no sweat. All ingredients are plant-derived and this herbal medication is loved by people from kids to adults.

Product Effectiveness

Kakkonto has effects on the following medical conditions experienced by people whose physical strength is moderate or better: first signs of a cold (without sweat), sinus colds, sinus infection, headache, stiff shoulders, muscle soreness, and pain in the hands and shoulders

Product features

  • Kracie, founded over 130 years ago as “Kanebo”, released Kakkonto in 1984.
  • It’s been familiar with Japanese as traditional medicine since 1984.
  • It is effective for symptoms such as colds, stiff shoulder, fever, tingling, and chills at the beginning of a cold.
  • Naturally sweet brown sugar flavor.
  • You can drink it even if you dissolve it in hot water.
  • All active ingredients and additives are plant-derived ingredients, and no fragrances, coloring agents, artificial sweeteners are used.
  • Because the stick package is convenient for storage, unopened products can be used as a regular medicine to deal with the sudden onset of a child's cold.

How to Take

Take the following amount 3 times a day before or between meals with water or plain hot water, or dissolve in plain hot water and stir well before taking.

7 years old to under 15 years old ・ ・ ・ 1 packet at a time
4 to 7 years old ・ ・ ・ 3/4 packet at a time
Under 4 years old ・ ・ ・ 1/2 packet at a time

About Kracie Holdings, Ltd

Kanebo was born in 1887 and changed its name to Kracie in 2007.
Kracie is taking the following measures so that everyone can take Kampo with peace of mind.

1. Carefully selected crude drugs
In order to make the effect of herbal extract preparation, Kracie is advancing the selection of production areas and seedlings and the development of cultivation techniques.

2. Production technology for herbal extracts
Accumulating many years of know-how to improve the usefulness and digestibility of Kampo preparations, Kracie commercializes it at its own factory under strict system management.

3. Quality control of crude drugs and Kampo extract preparations
To provide a stable supply of high-quality products, Kracie analyzes crude drugs and extract preparations consisting of multiple crude drugs from various angles.

4. Efforts to tackle residual pesticides
To ensure safe and stable quality, all herbal medicines and products are tested for pesticide residues.

From crude drugs to Kampo, Kracie carries out quality tests for each process from raw material procurement to final products. After guaranteeing the quality, it delivers products to customers.

Recommended Age

4 years old to 14 years old


Kakkonto extract (1/3 dose) - 1,733 mg
(Extracted from 2.67 g of Pueraria Root, 1.33 g of Ephedra Herb, 1.33 g of Jujube, 1.0 g of Cinnamon Bark, 1.0 g of Peony Root, 0.67 g of Glycyrrhiza, and 0.33 g of Ginger)
Excipients - Hydroxypropylcellulose, refined sugar, and brown sugar

Attention (Disclaimer) Please be sure to read

1. If you have the following conditions, please consult your physician, pharmacist or register for sale before taking it.
 (1) Those who are receiving medical treatment
 (2) Those who are pregnant or likely to become pregnant
 (3) Those who are physically weak (the physically weak, those who are physically weak)
 (4) Those who are weak in the stomach and intestines
 (5) Those who are prone to sweating
 (6) Those who are elderly
 ( 7) Those who have had symptoms such as rash, redness, and itching caused by drugs.
 (8) Those who have the following symptoms:
    Difficulty urinating
 (9) Those who have been diagnosed with the following diseases:
    Hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid dysfunction

2. After taking the drug, if you find the following symptoms. In this case, there is a possibility of side effects, so stop taking the drug immediately and consult a doctor, pharmacist.

[ Symptoms ] Skin: Rash/redness, itching
 Digestive organs: Nausea, loss of appetite, stomach discomfort
In rare cases, the following serious symptoms may occur. In that case, please see a doctor immediately.

[ Symptom]
 Liver dysfunction: Fever, itch, rash, jaundice (yellowing of skin and white of eyes), brown urine, general fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. appear.

3. After taking it for 1 month, if the symptoms do not improve, stop taking it and send the package insert to your doctor or pharmacist.

Product Size

10.5 x 6.8 x 3.1 cm




Kracie Holdings, Ltd (Old name: Kanebo holding, Ltd)

Made in Japan