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Kracie Kakkonto - Herbal Cold medicine syrup for adults 4 bottles (45ml) in 2 days

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Kakkonto is traditional medicine and it has a long history. Kracie released “Kakkonto” in 1984, and it’s been a long seller of cold medicine for the Japanese. This herbal medicine is effective for the onset of colds, stiff shoulders, runny nose, headaches, muscle aches, and hand and shoulder aches. This is produced under strict quality control and production technology for herbal extracts.

What is Kakkonto?

"Kakkonto" is a medicine described in the classical traditional herbal medicine and works for the early stage of a cold. If you pry and prolong the cold, your body will often get sick, so you need to get rid of it as early as possible. It is important for you to keep you warm, eat nutritious and digestible foods, and keep your body at rest.

Product Effectiveness

Kakkonto has effects on the following symptoms of moderate or higher physical fitness: early cold (non-sweaty), nasal cold, rhinitis, headache, stiff shoulders, myalgia, hand and shoulder pain.

How does it work

Kakkonto improves the symptoms of colds by warming the body. To improve cold symptoms without prolonging them, it is effective to raise the body temperature as soon as possible at the beginning of the cold, and Kakkonto works well for that.

When should you drink

The most effective timing of administration is the early stage of a cold. Take if you feel any discomfort or chills in your nose or throat. It's a good idea to have Kakkonto on hand so that you can take it immediately when you feel a cold. 

Product Features

Effective for symptoms such as fever, tingling, and coldness at the beginning of a cold. It is also effective for headaches, stiff shoulders and neck muscles, and muscle pain. 

  • Easy to drink without ingredients that make you sleepy
  • It’s been familiar with Japanese as traditional medicine since 1984.
  • It is listed as a class 2 pharmaceutical product in Japan. 
  • It reduces fever by promoting sweating and tries to cure colds.
  • It is effective for colds and stiff shoulders. 
  • It is effective for symptoms such as fever, tingling, and chills at the beginning of a cold. 
  • Naturally sweet brown sugar flavor.
  • All active ingredients and additives are plant-derived ingredients, and no fragrances, coloring agents, artificial sweeteners are used.

Recommended age

Adults (15 years old and over)

About Kracie Holdings, Ltd

Kanebo was born in 1887 and changed its name to Kracie in 2007. Kracie is taking the following measures so that everyone can take Kampo(traditional herbal medicine)  with peace of mind.

  1. Carefully selected crude drugs

In order to make the effect of herbal extract preparation, Kracie is advancing the selection of production areas and seedlings and the development of cultivation techniques.

  1. Production technology for herbal extracts

Accumulating many years of know-how to improve the usefulness and digestibility of Kampo preparations, Kracie commercializes it at its own factory under strict system management.

  1. Quality control of crude drugs and Kampo extract preparations

To provide a stable supply of high-quality products, Kracie analyzes crude drugs and extract preparations consisting of multiple crude drugs from various angles.

  1. Efforts to tackle residual pesticides

To ensure safe and stable quality, all herbal medicines and products are tested for pesticide residues.

From crude drugs to Kampo, Kracie carries out quality tests for each process from raw material procurement to final products. After guaranteeing the quality, it delivers products to customers.

How to Take

It is taken twice a day. Take 1 bottle (45ml) each time.


Kakkonto extract A ・ ・ ・ 60mL

[ Extracted from 8g of cucumber, 4g of ephedra and peony, 3g of licorice and peony, 2g of licorice, and 1g of ginger. ]

(1 mL of Kakkonto extract A is equivalent to about 0.42 g of the crude drug.) 

As additives,

D-sorbitol, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, Na benzoate, paraben, sorbitan fatty acid ester, fragrance, ethyl vanillin, vanillin, Propylene glycol, sucrose, L-glutamine, silicone resin, glycerin fatty acid ester, CMC-Na.

Constituent crude drug


Sweating table, warm menstrual vein, yin, and yang, equilibrium reversal 


Sweating table, lung flat asthma / anti-cough, water diversion


Small cold solution table, warm stomach vomiting, sputum gyōzui, detoxification 


Antipyretic skin, antispasmodic rash, thirst for Ikutsu, antidiarrheal for the rising sun


Masuki Ikutsu, slow and rapid analgesia, detoxification of fresh heat, harmonious drug


Blood stasis, soft liver analgesia, peony analgesic, peony analgesic


Spleen stomach, Yoyo Anshin, palliative drug

Attention (Disclaimer)  Please be sure to read


  1. The following people should consult with a doctor, pharmacist, or registered distributor before taking

(1) Get medical treatment

(2) Pregnant women or those who are thought to be pregnant

(3) People with a weak body (people with weakness, people with a weak body)

(4) People with the weak gastrointestinal tract

(5) People with a tendency to sweat remarkably 

(6) Elderly people

(7) People who have had rash/redness, itching, etc. due to drugs, etc.

(8) People with the following symptoms

Swelling, difficulty in urination

(9) Received the following diagnosis People with

high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid dysfunction

       2.If you don’t see better symptoms, stop taking the drug and show the box of this product to a doctor or pharmacist.

  1. For long-term continuous use, consult a doctor, pharmacist, or registered distributor.

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Kracie Holdings, Ltd (Old name: Kanebo holding, Ltd)

Made in Japan